When are you available?
I am available for weekends and evenings.  Most sessions will be scheduled during golden hour, or slightly before which is 60-90 minutes before sunset. Keep in mind this includes clothing changes as well as location changes. 

How long does it take to get our photos?
Your photos will be ready with an online gallery within 6 weeks of your wedding date, I will be in contact with you after to keep you posted on progress and you will get some sneak peeks! Regular sessions will be returned within a 2 week turnaround.

What is your style?
My style is very organic. I love capturing my subjects in natural settings with very minimal props. I mostly stand back and follow. My vision is not for everyone, but is something I strongly stick to. I am offering something different- my most artistic vision for you.

Do I get all the high- res edited photos?
YES! You will have a PASS gallery where you can download the high res
images straight to your computer with the click of a button. This will eliminate the all too frequent scenario of lost or scratched discs and you can easily share with family & friends!

What should we wear or bring to our engagement or portrait session?
I get asked this so much.  I recommend 1-2 outfits for regular sessions and 1 for 20 minute sessions.  Complimenting is good but mixing it up is even better. Dress like the very best version of yourself. Layers also photograph well along with accessories. Please avoid bright and neon colors.  Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid spray tanning or "Speed Tanning" before your session. It takes a lot more time to fix these in Photoshop and tend to make you look more orange unless you are professionally airbrushed. Avoiding white shirts and anything with writing on it is also a plus.  For beauty sessions, it is always helpful to receive a few examples of the looks you want to achieve since this area can be very broad. From suggestive to nude, I want to make it very clear; I am open to TASTEFUL photography. I do not shoot tasteless porn. I have a private portfolio I would be happy to share of you would like to see examples of my work. I am very proud of this area of my work; it is one of my favorite sessions to shoot! My clients always look and feel like rock stars! For these sessions please have a solid 3 looks ready. Having a hair and make up artist available is also something I STRONGLY encourage. I can arrange this for you.

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook?
HECK YES! The only thing I ask is that you credit Heather Smith Photography with each photo. Facebook has been such a shining star in the growth of Heather Smith Photography and nothing brings me more happiness than scrolling through the feed at the end of the day and seeing my photos as people’s profile photos. Please share, but also know that you keep Heather Smith Photography alive by giving credit to your photographer!

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding or portrait session?
I’m sorry but no. Every photo you see is chosen based on a certain formula specifically for Heather Smith Photography.  If it’s a beautiful image, it will be yours. I promise you’ll see every perfect photo! …a beautiful image has no business sitting in an electronic folder never to see the light of day, right?

How many photos will I get?
Each session and wedding is different so I do not have or give a magic number. I can guarantee that you won’t get to the end of your gallery feeling like something is missing. Whether it’s your love story or a day in the life of your furry friends, the story will be told with just the right amount of images for YOU.

How many hours do you work on the wedding day?
My package is 7 hours but we can add more time for an additional fee if interested. Quality is better than quantity.

Do you offer albums?
I do not offer them with wedding packages, but if you’d like you can add one in a la carte fashion. I’m in the business of creating beautiful images, not products.