I am very passionate about pets, and more then anything helping homeless pets find their forever homes.  At a young age my mother taught me about responsible pet ownership as we also had 1 to 2 foster dogs at home along with our crew of 2-3.  Although it was hard to see some of the fosters go to their new homes I understood that they were going to a home where they would be loved and taken care of and we were able to help more.

I have seen the difference that professional photographs make in helping pets get adopted, many people can't go to a shelter and see who the pet really is behind a chain link gate or see themselves owning that dog pulling on the end of a leash.  I try to keep the pets calm and wait for them to settle before photographing them - that allows for a chance for people to see more of the soul of the pets.

I volunteer my services to photograph dogs available for adoption with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California, and various rescue organizations. I am also a member of HeArt’s Speak.

Another foundation I work with is the Magic Hour donating my time to photograph both people battling cancer, cancer survivors, and families of both people battling cancer and cancer survivors. If you are interested in applying or a session or nominating someone please apply here: